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At Goldsmith, we are linguists...


Children at our school live in an extremely multicultural community. Selecting the language of choice to teach has been thoroughly thought out with the intention to give our children a secure footing when embarking on their journey to secondary school. Spanish is our choice of MFL, being the second most widely spoken language around the world. When leaving us in Year 6, most feeder schools within the area teach Spanish, therefore the choice to teach this enables our children to leave with confidence in their ability to speak a familiar second language. 


What is our curriculum? 


All children in KS2 will be taught a modern foreign language; Spanish. Currently all year groups start at Year 3 Spanish to ensure the language is built upon using a continuum basis. Pupils will build a secure basic knowledge of the language to continue their journey at Goldsmith. As pupils move through school, so will the level of language being taught. We envisage Year 6 of 2024-25 will be the first cohort to access the Year 6 Spanish curriculum.  We follow a language programme that is adapted to suit the needs of our children called 'Light Bulb Languages’. We ensure staff follow a medium term plan to ensure progression is made throughout the curriculum content and revisited to ensure language fluency. 

When is it taught? 

Each week MFL will be taught for 30 minutes with the opportunity to practise fluency during registration, break and lunchtimes. 

How is it taught?

Spanish is taught through the I do, We do, You do approach with fluency/ oracy being practised throughout.  Children are given the opportunity to hear a native speaker of the language as well as their class teacher within each lesson content. A weekly presentation is followed giving children the opportunity to learn both spoken, and written language through repetition, games and music.


How is impact measured?

Each half term there is a success criteria that children are required to meet. This is broken down for each lesson to ensure each criteria is met.

How do we know children have made progress?

AFL is used within all lessons and at the end of each half term there is an assessment grid to be completed to enable provision to be adapted for future lessons, if required. 

How do we challenge and support lack of progress?

Children are paired by mixed ability with the coupled with the use of lead learners. Work is scaffolded to ensure there is a language rich environment not only within the MFL lesson but across the curriculum. Children not making sufficient progress will be targeted within the lesson by working directly with the teacher to ensure areas of need are met.

How are we inclusive?


Within each MFL lesson, children are provided with a knowledge organiser to refer back to at each given opportunity. Talking tins are provided with spoken language already interpreted and additionally, word mats with visual gestures are provided within each part of the content to ensure all learners can progress. The use of songs and rhymes is also a key inclusion; these are useful for all but essential for some.