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goldsmith primary academy ethos and values

Ethos and Values

ASPIRE Framework

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Our ASPIRE framework develops students character virtues and learning strategies. We work collaboratively with the Jubilee Centre at University of Birmingham to ensure our six character virtues of respect, responsibility, resilience, compassion, collaboration and creativity are ‘taught’, ‘caught’ and ‘sought’ in learning and in life. Across our family of schools,  students aspire in every lesson, every day to be the best learners and best people that they can be.


Our ASPIRE Values are:

Active in Learning

  • I research to find new information
  • I ask questions using my own initiative
  • I complete my homework to the best standard I can

Sure to Improve

  • I read and respond to a variety of feedback
  • I concentrate on improving my work
  • I learn from my mistakes and take on board all feedback

Positive Attitude

  • I challenge myself in lessons
  • I answer questions without being prompted
  • I am excited and enthusiastic in lessons

Imaginative in Learning

  • I try my best to think of new ideas
  • I share my ideas in partner, group or class discussions
  • I use my imagination to help solve problems

Resilient When Things Go Wrong

  • I look for new ways to solve problems if I find ideas tricky
  • I always ask for help from a partner or an adult if I need to
  • I always try my best and never give up

100% Effort in Everything We Do

  • I am positive in every lesson
  • I keep trying to achieve my goals
  • I put 100% effort in every lesson