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goldsmith primary academy unlocking academic and personal potential

Unlocking academic and personal potential

Hello and welcome to Goldsmith Primary Academy.

Here at Goldsmith, we are proud to have over 400 fantastic children on roll who love to come to school and learn. We are a two-form entry primary school and nursery that caters for children from 2-11 years old. Our children receive an effective early education and remain with us until they are ready for their journey to secondary school.

We are a welcoming school where we encourage people to come around and meet our wonderful staff and pupils. Our children are everything to us here at Goldsmith; their happiness, personal growth and academic achievement is our top priority.

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What’s Happening

🦎🐸🦁 Year 1 pupils had to ‘be organised’ and ‘self-quiz’ as they sorted a variety of creatures into the 5 main groups of creature! Can you name some of our creatures? #WATaScientist 🦁🐸🦎 @WinAcadTrust @GreatSciShare

7 days ago

🌳🍂🧊In reception, pupils had to ‘become unstuck’ as they investigated floating and sinking just like The Stick Man! Wonderful seasonal learning using a wonderful text! #WATaScientist #WATaReader 🧊🍂🌳 @WinAcadTrust @TheRealGruffalo

7 days ago

🐻🧸🚌 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? A trip to the estimation station on the teddy bear bus I reckon! Nursery pupils ‘being organised’ as they navigate their stunning provision! #WATanEYFS 🚌🧸🐻@WinAcadTrust @ericcarle

7 days ago

🦊🐮🐴 What is in the Goldilocks curiosity cube this week? It’s the Gingerbread Man! Pupils were extremely excited to take part in gingerbread provision, particularly ‘communicating clearly’ and acting the story out! #WATaReader #WATanActor 🐴🐮🦊@WinAcadTrust

7 days ago

🎄🎅🏻🚸@WalsallCouncil are staging a variety of activities clubs, during the Christmas break. Book your place, using the information below, now! 🚸🎅🏻🎄@WRight4Children @educationgovuk @WinAcadTrust

17 days ago

🤝😊🧦As part of Anti-Bullying Week 2021 - we invite you to share your support by wearing odd socks to school, tomorrow. This represents our uniqueness and similarities. Remember to say, ‘One kind word!’ #antibullyingweek2021 #yourenotalone #oddsocksday2021 🧦😊🤝@WinAcadTrust

17 days ago

🌽🍞🥫Thank you all for your ‘compassion’ during our harvest festival, this year. Mrs Carswell had the pleasure of delivering our donation to the @selectlifestyle home for young people with special needs! They were overwhelmed by your generosity! #proud 🥫🍞🌽 @WinAcadTrust

18 days ago

🎴🙏On Thursday, we held our annual Remembrance Service. This is an opportunity for us to be 'Compassionate' and 'Respectful' as we not only remember our Goldsmith Heroes, but all the heroes who died for our tomorrow. #WeWillRememberThem🙏🎴 @MidlandsPoppy @WinAcadTrust

21 days ago

🖱️⌨️💻 It was 5b's turn to programme Mrs Sidhu, this week. It seems 5a must have 'self-quizzed' and discussed debugging with their 5b colleagues as these instructions look like they are being followed impeccably. #WATaProgrammer #debugging💻⌨️🖱️ @purpleMash @WinAcadTrust

21 days ago

🛫👩‍✈️🛬We are, Goldsmith Airlines. We are, Globally yours! Join year 4 on their travels to the lands of fire 🔥 and ice🧊. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed this 'creative' session exploring contrasting geographical locations. #WATaGeographer #Halló #Buongiorno 🛫👩‍✈️🛬 @WinAcadTrust

21 days ago

🪔🕉🎇 Year 3 have been ‘Compassionate’ and ‘Respectful’ as they celebrated Diwali! Pupils engaged with a variety of activities representing the Hindu and Sikh festival of light. #Diwali #WATaPhilosopher 🎇🕉🪔 @WinAcadTrust @JigsawPSHE

27 days ago

➕🧮⭐️ Year 2 had to ‘Self-Quiz’ and be ‘Resilient’ as they learned to bridge 10 using concrete aparatus! Some excellent representations! #WATaMathematician #CPA ⭐️🧮➕ @WinAcadTrust @MathsMastery

27 days ago

💻⌨️🖱️In order to understand debugging in a computing program, pupils in Year 5 had to give instructions to Mrs Mason, so she could make a jam sandwich correctly. Pupils 'resiliently' discovered they had to be extremely specific! #debug #computing 🖱️⌨️💻@winacadtrust @purpleMash

28 days ago

👑🇬🇧🏰As part of their theme, 'Generations,' Year 1 learned about different aspects of the Monarchy. Pupils had to 'be organised' as they took on different aged roles in order to see who was in line to the throne! #royal #windsor 🏰🇬🇧👑@winacadtrust @RoyalFamily

28 days ago

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