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Friday 28th January 2022 - School will be closed to all pupils for INSET day

goldsmith primary academy unlocking academic and personal potential

Unlocking academic and personal potential

Hello and welcome to Goldsmith Primary Academy.

Here at Goldsmith, we are proud to have over 400 fantastic children on roll who love to come to school and learn. We are a two-form entry primary school and nursery that caters for children from 2-11 years old. Our children receive an effective early education and remain with us until they are ready for their journey to secondary school.

We are a welcoming school where we encourage people to come around and meet our wonderful staff and pupils. Our children are everything to us here at Goldsmith; their happiness, personal growth and academic achievement is our top priority. Our pupils:

Dream, Rise, ASPIRE

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What’s Happening

🍞➗🍞Fractions. With bread? What a ‘loaf’ of nonsense! Year 4 were ‘self-quizzing’ as they identified denominators depending on the amounts of bread given. They had ‘loaves’ of fun! #WATaMathematician 🍞➗🍞 @WinAcadTrust @MathsMastery

8 days ago

🖊📕🧑‍🍳 Year 3 have been ‘communicating clearly’ by writing up their instructional texts! Excellent editing and use of your #VCOP! #WATaWriter #gingerbread🧑‍🍳📕🖊 @WinAcadTrust @rosBIGWRITING

10 days ago

🇪🇸💃🏽🇪🇸 Our teachers had a wonderful Spanish CPL sessions, this week. MFL Lead Practitioner, Sally Dunn from @Windsor_Tweets is a truly inspirational teacher and we can’t wait to try out some of her hints and tips. #WATaFamily #WATaLinguist 🇪🇸💃🏽🇪🇸@WinAcadTrust @LightBulbLangs

12 days ago

👩‍✈️🛫🧑‍✈️Having begun their new “I ASPIRE…” theme, Year 2 pupils learned all about the careers available at the airport. Some were check in agents, others cabin crew! Super ‘Self-Quiz’! #WATaCareer 🧑‍✈️🛫👩‍✈️@WinAcadTrust @TUIUK @jet2tweets @BritishAirwaysT @VirginAtlantic

12 days ago

➕🔢🧮Year 1 have been adding numbers beyond ten, using their tens frames and cubes! How ‘resilient’! #WATaMathematician 🧮🔢➕ @MathsMastery @WinAcadTrust

12 days ago

🦉🌳💛 Reception have been learning all about #OwlBabies this week. Pupils were extremely ‘compassionate’ as they investigated habitats and built their own nests! #WATaReader #WATaScientist 💛🌳🦉@WinAcadTrust @WalkerBooksUK

12 days ago

🐠🌈🎨 Nursery pupils were also hard at work, enjoying their provision based on the Rainbow Fish! We are amazed just how ‘responsible’ they are for their own learning. #WATaLearner #RainbowFish 🎨🌈🐠@WinAcadTrust @SchusterAnd

12 days ago

🎏🌈🐟 In Goldilocks, our youngest pupils have enjoyed exploring and investigating their new whole-class reading text, The Rainbow Fish. Pupils had lots of ‘creative’ provision centred around this iconic character! #WATaReader 🐟🌈🎏@WinAcadTrust @SchusterAnd

17 days ago

🎄🎅🏻🎁 On Sunday, Mrs Carswell delivered our ‘compassionate,’ National Elf-Service day creations to Select Lifestyles in Wednesbury. The residents were extremely pleased to receive your gifts! #WATaSchool 🎁🎅🏻🎄@WinAcadTrust @selectlifestyle

1 month ago

❄️⛄️🎄To all our friends and families, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and successful 2022! 🎄⛄️❄️

1 month ago

🐶🎄🐱Today, Mr Wakeman donated our ‘compassionate’ donations from National Elf-Service Day to the RSPCA Newbrook Farm. They were extremely grateful for our support! #WATaSchool 🐱🎄🐶 @WinAcadTrust @RSPCA_official

1 month ago

🎄🥫🍞 Yesterday after school, Mr Wakeman delivered our ‘compassionate’ donations of food from ‘National Elf-Service Day’ to #BreakingBread food bank in Walsall! They were overwhelmed by Goldsmith’s generosity, this Christmas. #WATaSchool 🍞🥫🎄@WinAcadTrust @foodbankws10

1 month ago

🎄🎅🏻🎁 Yesterday after school, Mr Wakeman delivered our ‘compassionate,’ National Elf-Service day creations to local care homes. Residents of Harden Hall, Ash Grange, Pelsall Hall and Astbury View were extremely pleased to receive your gifts! #WATaSchool 🎁🎅🏻🎄 @WinAcadTrust

1 month ago

🇪🇬⚱️🕰 Year 6 had a great time using their ‘self-quiz’ and ‘resilience’ skills. We were lucky enough to have an Egyptian escape room, in our KS1 hall! Pupils had a great time, freeing themselves against the clock! #WATanHistorian #clevercogz 🕰⚱️🇪🇬 @WinAcadTrust

1 month ago

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