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World Book Day 2024 at Goldsmith Primary Academy: A Celebration with the Mayor

14th March 2024

On Thursday, 7th March 2024, Goldsmith Primary Academy had the privilege of celebrating World Book Day, not just as a tribute to the literary world, but also as a special occasion marked by the visit of the Mayor of Walsall. The day turned into an inspiring journey through the realms of imagination and literature, underlining the value of reading in our community.

Our school was filled with vibrant colours and innovative designs as children and staff arrived, dressed as characters from their favourite books. The creativity and thought invested in these costumes were amazing to see. We express our heartfelt thanks to our families and carers for their enthusiastic participation and support.

Throughout the day, children engaged in a variety of activities centred around chosen books. From creating confections inspired by "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to sewing vibrant quilts like those in "Elmer," the activities served to deepen their connection with the stories. The students' involvement and enjoyment were clear indicators of the enduring power of good storytelling.

The 'Book on a Door' competition was a particular highlight for the younger years, transforming classroom entrances into dynamic book covers. This initiative not only promoted creativity but also brightened our school environment.

Our 'Whole School Story' initiative demonstrated the power of collective storytelling, with each class contributing to a narrative that traversed the entire academy, fostering a strong sense of community and shared endeavour.

The Mayor's visit was a focal point of the day, bringing a heightened sense of occasion and community spirit, particularly to our KS1 pupils. His engagement with the students and emphasis on the importance of reading added a prestigious element to our celebrations. The KS2 assembly was equally memorable, featuring diverse expressions of literary appreciation from poetry recitals to interactive quizzes.

We were also honoured by the attendance of members from the Walsall Rotary Club, whose presence and ongoing support for our academy is greatly appreciated. We are eager to embrace their generous offer to assist our students, an initiative that promises to enrich our educational community further.

'The Masked Reader' activity brought mystery and entertainment to the day, with staff hiding behind book character facades, creating a buzz of guesses and laughter among the students.

The day concluded with a magical library session, making for a fitting end to a day dedicated to the joy of reading, thanks to the efforts of Mrs Beech and Mrs Franks for leading the interactive library session

We extend our sincere thanks to everyone involved, with special recognition for Mrs Thorpe, for her significant role in organising this enriching day. Her thoughts reflect the sentiment of the day: "It was a joy to see such lively engagement with reading. The Mayor's presence underscored the day's importance, making it memorable for the children and affirming the community's commitment to literacy."

Mr Wakeman, Head of School, shared his perspective on the day: "World Book Day is an invaluable opportunity for our children to unlock their academic and personal potential. Through engaging with diverse stories and characters, they not only enhance their literacy skills but also develop empathy, creativity, and a broader understanding of the world.

Our gratitude goes out to the entire Goldsmith Primary Academy community for making this World Book Day significant. A particular note of thanks to the Mayor of Walsall for honouring us with his visit, reinforcing the importance of literacy and community in our students' lives. Let's continue to foster a love of reading that will last a lifetime.