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I can take my iPad home; I am so EXCITED!

22nd September 2022

What an exciting day for our Year 4 students last Wednesday when they received their brand new iPads. The hall was set with red carpet and award-winning music while the sparkling lighting and balloons completed the atmosphere. The children entered with smiles and they could tell it was going to be an exciting morning! 

After a few instructions, the countdown began and party poppers were released to celebrate the unboxing of their iPads. Faces lit up alongside gasps of excitement and plenty of cheers. Having set them up with passwords and keyboards, it was onto learning activities to help the children become accustomed with their new devices. 

The pupils had a wonderful day where one of our children said, “I’m so happy with my iPad; this is one of the best days ever!” and another told their mom with a beaming smile, “I can take my iPad home; I’m so excited!”  

The teachers were extremely pleased with how successful the day was and how quickly the children grasped a range of iPad skills. They discussed the fact that opportunities to enhance learning are already visible with this new year group and now it’s time to ensure that digital learning becomes second nature.

As all of the students said, “Thank You for our iPads!”